Afraid to Fly? Fear of Flying Expert D.J. Frost, top aviation expert, as seen recently on Fox News, WABC, WCBS, and CTV shows you how…

“Yes…It’s Possible to Overcome
Fear of Flying And Never Be
Afraid to Fly Again!”

Never Feel Frightened Again When Flying on a Plane
– Even in Turbulence

Noted aviation expert, 29 year veteran pilot, and certified hypnotist D.J. Frost
shares these powerful, life-altering (but easy) skills to help you
overcome fear of flying … for good.

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overcome fear of flyingFrom: D.J. Frost

RE: How to overcome fear of flying

Dear Fearful Flier, Are you missing out on some of life’s great joys because you’re afraid to fly? Maybe you missed your best friend’s wedding last year because it was out of town. Or you got passed on a promotion because it would require you to travel.

You’re embarrassed, too – every time someone mentions a plane, you have to explain your fears to people who will look down on you. Or you have to create some crazy, unbelievable excuse … and it’s never fun to lie to your friends.

There is a better way.

Keep reading to find out how to overcome your fear of flying – or even that terrible claustrophobic feeling you get when you sit in the cramped seats of a plane – in just a few easy steps. You’ll discover how to use a simple guide to easily transform your fear into courage aboard any flight – even small planes and flights with heavy turbulence.

So Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’m an International Pilot, Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and expert at helping people overcome flying anxiety. I’m a 29-year veteran pilot, type-rated and Captain qualified on the Boeing 737, 757, 767, Airbus 320 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. You may have seen me giving commentary on TV: FOX News, ABC, CBS, CTV (to name a few) and heard me on the Radio: Satellite Radio, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, Radio America and more.


Whenever an incident does occur, the TV shows and the radio shows call me to explain in everyday language what likely happened. I’ve helped hundreds overcome their fears and phobias during my workshops, during private hypnosis sessions in my office in South Florida and one-on-one phone sessions. I’ve been changing lives using the proven techniques of hypnosis and NLP for more than five years. I followed in my father’s footsteps and became an airline pilot after studying at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the ‘Harvard of the Sky’. They call it that because it provides the best aviation education in the world. Layovers with the crew in foreign cities became my testing grounds for hypnosis and NLP as I studied and became certified with top notch Bennett/Stellar University.

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Does your heart beat rapidly when you’re just on the runway?
  • Do your fingernails dig into the armrest when the plane takes off?
  • Do you have to drink alcohol or take medication to keep yourself calm enough to endure the flight?

If any of these things sound familiar, ask yourself this question: “Is a life filled with the fear of flying any way to live?”

Think that Long Drive is Safe? Think Again!

Here’s a sobering fact: Statistics show the average driver can only stay safely alert for 2 hours of driving time – and that’s only if they had a good night’s sleep. That means air travel is the only mode of travel that is really safe for travel of any distance. And of course, statistics also show that air travel is safer than car travel. What’s my point? You’re doing yourself a huge favor to get over your fear. You’ll be keeping yourself safer, too.

Plus Air Travel May Be Your Only Option
Don’t Limit Yourself & Lose Out

In some cases air travel is the only way you can visit your family. Don’t you miss those family reunions with Mom, Dad, your children, grandchildren or your siblings? We only have a short time on this Earth together and a phone call just isn’t the same without that real hug included. I know someone whose husband has a fear of flying. He didn’t make it there in time to say good-bye to his dying mother and he regrets it to this day.

But I Bet You Never Guessed…

Air travel has never been more affordable. The fierce competition has created a buyers market for airline seats. That means in many cases driving your car will cost you considerably more in gas, lodging, and vehicle upkeep than your average airplane ticket. If seeing exotic parts of the world is a dream of yours then there’s only one way to make that possible. Flying to Europe, the Caribbean or even Hawaii is possible to do in one day from just about anywhere. Not sharing that fun with your friends or family as they show you their fabulous vacation pictures can make your heart sink.

What if Your Life Depends on it?

Ok, maybe your life won’t ever actually “depend on it”, but what if your next job does? What will you do if closing your next business deal means you have to fly? What if getting a promotion means frequent plane trips? Telling your boss that you have a fear of flying just isn’t going to cut it in these economic times. With tight business competition and the high unemployment rate within the corporate ranks, you have to maintain your edge and mobility. Just think about what this could cost you and your family.

But Now There’s No Reason to Fear Flying Ever Again … Learn from One of the World’s Leading Experts


I’ve about seen it all in my stellar career. My understanding of the complexities of flight along with my thorough knowledge of the mind has given me a unique perspective of what a fear of flying is doing to you … right now.

I have studied with some of the brightest minds in aviation, NLP, and hypnosis to create a guide that will once and for all help you conquer that fear of flying forever.

So I know a lot about airplanes…and a lot about people who fly on them. Make sure you work with someone who has a proven track record. There is no one better suited to teach you how to regain control of your flying anxiety. Even though I never had the fear of flying myself, I understand about fear.

Fear is worry about the future and the end of dreaming.

You can continue to use meds, but they knock you out for a bit so you are in and out of consciousness. Same with alcohol. When the door to the airplane shut, Bob’s flying anxiety ‘pegged out’. Even though he took a xanax, he was still anxious – just not as much as usual. The problem was that once he arrived, he ended up sleeping for SIXTEEN hours. He wasted his first day away…sleeping.

You can continue to sit on the sidelines and watch others appreciate the joys of travel.

OR You Can Make The Decision To Start Dreaming Again

Bonnie’s anxiety would start a week before her flight. She would check the weather reports a few days before. If it even hinted of thunderstorms or heavy winds she would be terrified the entire flight. She would start saying her prayers if the pilot turned the airplane right after takeoff or if there was turbulence. She would tighten her belt…dig her fingers into the armrest…and couldn’t talk to anyone.

But that was before.

Since using the ‘Lose The Fear And Fly’ guide to overcome fear of flying, she is now living her dream. Last time I heard from her, she was heading for a vacation to Spain. Flying without stress!

I’ve Combined My Areas of Expertise For The Best Results

Now you could get a program from someone that’s just a pilot or someone that’s just a hypnotist. But this is the first program of its kind that combines both the skills of a seasoned pilot along with the rapid state of mental change of NLP and hypnosis. Why take a chance with so much at stake?

Neuro-lingustic programming (NLP) is a general approach to modeling human behavior, aiding personal growth, and assisting in communication. It was developed in the early 1970s as a set of techniques derived from behaviors observed in effective psychotherapists, and since then, it has been generalized and utilized in a wide range of fields. The term refers to the three areas that NLP sees as giving birth to the subjective experience: the mind, language patterns, and the programming that organizes our perceptions and thoughts. Hypnosis is best described as a state of intense inner focus in which the subconscious mind is at the forefront and the conscious mind is subdued. This is mostly what happens when a person sleeps, but hypnosis works while a person is awake and allows them to relax to the point of putting their conscious train of thought to rest. Much like the operating system on a computer, your subconscious mind is always running while the conscious mind creates the execution of your behavior. Clinical hypnosis is used to effect change in a person’s behavior or thought process. Clinical hypnosis can be used effectively in a variety of situations and is most commonly associated with smoking cessation, weight control, and stress management”

That’s all good news for you.

The first program of its kind offered by a veteran pilot who’s also a Certified Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner …and with guaranteed results

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You’ll learn the following….

  • The 3 things you absolutely must know before boarding an aircraft … to eliminate your fears and fly calmly
  • The secret technique that many of my clients pay thousands of dollars to learn to end your fear forever
  • 2 little-known strategies that can help you overcome your fear of flying in seconds
  • Specific exercises that will help you establish inner strength before you even travel to the airport
  • End your fears whether it’s from claustrophobia or flying
  • Never take sleeping pills before a flight again
  • Experience lasting relief from your fear of flying … no matter how severe or how long you’ve been suffering
  • Be completely relaxed on all of your flights – even when you hear strange mechanical sounds
  • Finally take that dream vacation and feel refreshed when you get there – no more need for alcohol or drugs to help you “survive the flight”
  • Relax effortlessly at will with just one simple word
  • Take control of yourself and get rid of the urge to run out of the plane or tear open the exits
“First time ever I felt that comfortable.”

“On a scale of 1 – 10 my anxiety level was probably a 2! First time ever I felt that comfortable. I will admit flying conditions were perfect – weather was excellent at each stop – but still, I used to be so nervous just to get going. So, hopefully I won’t panic so even if weather is an issue. You explained things to me in a way that provided some comfort and better understanding of what is actually happening. Thank you” Bonnie Warren

“It does make it easier to have tools to get us through.”

“Glad you are out there for people like me who have this fear of flying. It does make it easier to have tools to get us through with less discomfort. Thank you for what you do.” Jeanne

“I’m all for it especially with this information
coming from an active airline pilot.”
“I fly all of the time and I’ve always had some fears of flying but I just never voiced my fears. But then I started to question everything. Your program here offered me information that improved my anxiety. I’m all for it especially with this information coming from an active airline pilot. Thank you!” Larry

“Your program has really helped.”

“I just took a short (1 hour 8 minutes each way) flight and I was ok, pretty much…lol. Your program has really helped. I was able to explain noises to my first-time flying neighbor across the aisle who was uncomfortable with all the strange sensations. I’ll be flying again in May. Thanks so much for all your help! Sincerely,” Tara

“It has opened my mind to overcome limiting beliefs”

“D.J., It has opened my mind to overcome limiting beliefs and my blocks that have kept me stuck in the past. Thanks!” Dean Morace

“Simple and easy to understand”

“D.J. made it simple and easy to understand self hypnosis with tools that I can practice and use in real time” Steve Spencer

“A new power tool to use.”

“I feel really good now. I feel like I have a new power tool to use.” Theresa

“Immediate results.”

“DJ worked with me on a stress related painful area and he helped me get immediate results.” Judy Yates

I Bet You Never Thought that…

…You could just go about your life with this fear of flying and wonder “what if”.

…You could just put thousands of miles on your car and hope you stay awake and not kill yourself or anyone else on the road from fatigue.

…You could choose not to fly and never see and hold your children or parents ever again and rely on some fuzzy video internet phone connection to fill that gap.

…You could decide to accept your career as it is and relegate yourself to the thought that it’s as good as it gets now and forget about the money and advancement you once dreamed about having.

Or You Could Choose to Take Action NOW
& End Your Fear of Flying Forever

Today is the day to end your fear of flying once and for all. Don’t suffer another single flight. Just don’t do it.

With my “Lose the Fear – and Fly!” Guide to Overcome Fear of Flying, you can finally relax and enjoy being on a plane.

“Lose the Fear and Fly!” Guide to
Overcome Fear of Flying

So Here Is What You Will Be Receiving…

  • A complete and detailed instant download audio program that explains in detail everything you’ve always wanted to know about flying.
  • The most cutting edge self-hypnosis and NLP techniques for easily dealing with any stress or anxiety that you can do on your own at any time.
  • Lose the Fear and Fly! Enhanced Guided Imagery Session: led by the soothing voice of D.J. Frost, this audio will help you relax. You’ll reprogram your flying fears into confidence. You can even take this along with you on your flight.

All of this for a very affordable price of less than $10!

That’s a lot less than trying to drive 8 hours to see your family. Think about it.

“Yes! I’m Ready to Overcome My Flying Anxiety So That I Can Feel Safe and Have Peace of Mind Before, During and After My Flight Without Medications!”

I understand I’ll be downloading the entire “Lose the Fear and Fly!” Guide to Overcome the Fear of Flying and I’ll have everything I need to get started right away, within minutes.

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So what are you waiting for?

Even if you’re flying today or soon, it’s not too late to make a difference.

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To Your Fearless Flights,

D.J. Frost

P.S. When you order the “Lose the Fear and Fly” Guide to Overcome Fear of Flying today, you receive both the audio guide AND the guided imagery. Order today on Amazon or, if you prefer order on iTunes.

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Order the guide today on Amazon Or, if you prefer Order on iTunes.

Order today on Amazon or order on iTunes.

Isn’t it time you got to live your life without the fear of flying? Let today be your first day as a fearless flyer!


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